Missing Vampire Diaries….

my oh my..i am honestly can’t wait for the vampire diaries to be back on december 2…i can’t wait 2 more weeks…it’s been my guilty pleasure these past few months…and i must say..it is one of the major IMPETUS that makes me going on in life..hahaha…

i really love the idea of it…thanks to the author.. L.J Smith…

well after the december 2 episode…it will be back again on january holy crap…hahaha..but i know somehow it’s surely worth the wait hahaha!

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business and scientific writing EXCITEMENT = )

2nd Semester is on!! and i’m kinda excited about it…i am so happy that some of my classmates are still my classmates hahah! and my favorite teachers are still my favorite teachers….

business and scientific writing…i do not have an idea what it’s all about but one things is for sure…it will surely exercise my writing skills…hahaha…

as i researched… i found out that it’s all about straight forward explanations¬†and/or instructions dealing with a particular technical subject..The subject being written about may be abstract or tangible. Regardless, the writing must be easy to understand and follow..

woah! what a subject..and i’m kinda excited to learn more about this subject..well i’ll just keep you posted mwah!

Xoxo! = )

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